Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Services will focus on Corporate and Structured Transactions Advisory Services. In order to capitalize  on the market opportunities, our focus is on developing and ensuring a stable yet growing revenue base. The key services offered at the request of our clients are:

coorporateRamz Capital’s knowledge of various global markets allows us to provide clients  with numerous alternative options and an analysis of the impact that these options  would have on their company. 

Our rigorous analysis and rapid deployment of experienced resources help us to guide clients throughout the transaction service.

Project Finance Advisory
The development of major infrastructure projects is complex, highly competitive, costly and time-consuming. We provide the broad  strategic thinking required at the inception of the project, the requisite skills to negotiate terms and conditions, and the expertise  required at financial close, along with independent advice on the financing of major projects across sectors.

Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss Restructuring
Companies looking to raise new debt capital or refinance existing facilities usually already have relationships in banking, leasing and  capital markets as well as a constant flow of unsolicited approaches. The key issue for companies however, is not finding advice on  raising money, but knowing the full range of options available and how to achieve financing structures that would meet their strategic  and operational objectives as well as access to new non-financial  markets.