Strategic Portfolio Assessment and Management

All companies/groups are keen to increase their returns and exercise control over the invested capital in various asset classes as well as meeting the governance requirements that are most critical in the present day World. The future landscape points towards structural changes in the business models that require superior analytical capabilities as well as managing global relationships (direct investing, JVs, and co-investing). This necessitates the establishment of frameworks to analyze, manage/monitor and grow all assets classes especially identifying under performing assets for developing a strategic investment portfolio that offers a substantial premium at exit. These frameworks / proprietary methodologies are:

Strategic Enterprise Assessment

We have developed a proprietary methodology in which an overall assessment of a company / group is carried out through a structured process evaluating four key areas namely Enterprise, Resource, Deployment and Knowledge.  These include the 16 attributes, which are evaluated on an ongoing continuous basis to track the progress and corporate development of the organization on a periodic basis and forms the basis for future allocation i.e. retain, develop or exit a class of assets, businesses, investments.


How ones’ company stands against competitors / best of breed both locally and internationally  is an important assessment that is required if management wishes to grow and compete in  an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our benchmark analysis services include comparing key financial and market indicators with leading players in the industry and against industry averages. Deep sector knowledge, extensive domestic database and access  to international research have equipped us to provide this comparative assessment.