Mergers and Acquisitions
We would be able to advise international firms on merger / acquisition targets into various regions / sectors thereby increasing shareholder wealth. When we are asked to assist in an acquisition, we are able to provide a comprehensive evaluation of opportunities in order to create shareholder wealth for our clients. We would attract clients by providing value added services such as knowledge of the global industry, access to international research, diligent valuations that reflect true value to the acquirer and a thorough understanding of the acquisition and post a-acquisition process and subsequent financial re-engineering of the acquisition to achieve the optimal capital structure.


A valuation is not a simple numbers exercise rather it is an understanding of the business’s dynamics and its key value drivers. A company would seek valuations for corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or because the management / shareholders of the company want to know the value of an asset, subsidiary or investment to aid in making business decisions. By leveraging our extensive experience and applying relevant valuation methodologies coupled with our deep sector knowledge we are able to provide clients with more than a number. Specialized in Brand and other Intangible Asset Valuation for Asset base enhancement.